Minerva International Model United Nations

This years edition of Minerva International Model United Nations will be held the 22nd of July, in a completely new form. The theme of our third edition is: “Rising to the challenge: Stagnation in a time of progression.” Applications are now open!

About Minerva International Model United Nations 2021:

Stagnation in a time of progression.

Technology has changed the world in a way thad was unimaginable a mere 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. Changes are taking place at an ever quicker pace, in this whirlwind of progress we want to take a step back and reflect on what this “progress” really means.

Lunch with discussion

Due to the current safety precautions against Covid-19 in The Netherlands we were forced to rethink this years event. We have opted to organize a one-day event around a lunch where there will be enough opportunity for debate and discussion. It will be a very different MUN than we’re used to, but we are putting everyone’s safety first. We hope to see you there on July 22nd.


During our event we will be presenting several interesting people from fields such as diplomacy, politics or defense. These people will share their knowledge and experiences in these fields. A list of speakers will be announced shortly.

Rising to the challenge: Stagnation in a time of progression.

In a time where technological advancements push globalization further at ever higher speed, in which there was more data produced in only the last five years than in the entire history of human kind and where there are 40.000 Google searches every second. In that kind of world we need to accept the challenge to stand still and stagnate in a time of progression. 

Ironically we live in a curious time where parties, education in classrooms and work are currently standing still. It’s time for us to do the same. We have to take a pause and look at the ecological consequences of our actions, at the ongoing conflicts that are still destroying lives throughout the world and the measures we take ourselves. To summarize we need to take more time to think about the world we leave behind for the next generation. 

Is every form of progression really a form of advancement for us as human kind? Can we really call all these developments, that take place so quickly, progress if we don’t acknowledge their consequences? Don’t we need to take more time before blindly deciding on our next step on the path of progress? By standing still and reflecting on our own actions we will be beter prepared for what the future will bring us so we can rise to the challenge. 

About us

MIMUN is an initiative by members of the student association LSV Minerva to bring together both Dutch and international students.

This years edition would only be our third one, but possibly quite different from the other two. Either way we hope we can welcome you, wether it being physically or online.



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