The Security Council

  • Subtheme 1: The ongoing threat and uncertainty on East Asian security as result of North Korea’s nuclear program
  • Subtheme 2: The situation in Yemen

The primary responsibility of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security. The Security Council determines if a threat to peace or an act of aggression is present. Members of the Security Council are then expected to settle the dispute by peaceful means and recommend methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. Under normal conditions the Security Council consists of 15 Members. During Minerva International Model United Nations 2020 we will let 20 Members be a part of the Security Council to guarantee a fruitful debate. These 20 Members will focus on two issues which endanger national as well as international security. 

The first question that will be tackled is how to deal with the ongoing threat and uncertainty on East Asian security as a result of North Korea’s nuclear program. How should the United Nations deal with North Korea’s nuclear program and how should they guarantee the safety of other East Asian countries?

Furthermore, the delegates will debate about the situation in Yemen. The United Nations considers Yemen to be the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. This crisis is linked to the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen. The question arises if and how this crisis can be settled and how Yemen’s national security can be protected.