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*Minerva International Model United Nations – We are back!*

Preparations are in full swing for a new edition of Minerva International Model United Nations. For those who are not familiar with the format of MUN: MUN is a debating event in which we will simulate the actual UN. Together with your committee, you will work on resolutions to solve current and pressing problems in the world. The weekend will be full of workshops, lobbying and interesting lectures. Aside from learning about diplomacy, debating and international relations, the conference will also include a fancy dinner and an extraordinary party. We aren’t just looking for advanced MUN participants, this conference is also an excellent opportunity for beginners to experience their first conference. This year’s MIMUN conference will be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of February. There will also be (optional) workshops on January 28 and February 4. Do you study IS, IRO, Political Science or Law, or are you just an interested student looking for a challenge and wishing to boost your CV? Register now for the MUN contact file, so that you can be the first to apply for the event and receive important updates on the status of the conference! Click here