MIMUN 2020

– Speakers –  


Bert Koenders

Bert Koenders is a PvdA politician and has been involved in great international diplomatic projects. He has been the Minister for Development Cooperation in The Netherlands and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands for three years. Mr. Koenders has also been the political advisor to the United Nations in Southern Africa. In the period of 2011-2013 the was the representative of the UN Secretary General in Ivory Coast and in 2013-2014 he was active in Mali. Since 2019, he has been professor of peace, law and security in Leiden/The Hague.

As an expert on the international field, he will give an insightful plenary speech which we all are excited for. 🌟

Philip Walkate

During the dinner on Saturday Philip Walkate will give a show about Public Speaking. Philip Walkate is a Dutch comedian, presenter and play writer. He obtained degrees in History and International Law at Leiden University, but chose a totally different career path. In 2005 he was awarded with the Culture Comedy Award. It will certainly be a memorable show!

Ben Klappe

Ben Klappe has worked for both the UN and NATO in functions surrounding the rule of law in  military operations. He has, furthermore, been a military judge and headed the law department of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Mr. Klappe will contribute to the conference by speaking during the opening ceremony regarding how an organisation like the UN can issue a legitimate mandate for military interventions. As the UN upholds its responsibility to protect human rights, he will connect the use of force with the aim to safeguard human rights.

Hans Steensma

Hans Steensma is a major in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and partner in the Military Formats in Business Group. He will give the members of the Security Council in the second workshop on the 4th of February an insight in security questions by hosting a war game. In this war game, the delegates are presented a crisis scenario and will be given an entity/country as role, together they will need to find a course of action.

Frank Slijper

As project leader working on arms trade and disarmament issues for the peace organisation PAX, Frank Slijper is involved with the processes of policy-making by sharing his expertise with politicians and various actors in the field of civil society. He will enlighten General Assembly I on the question how international cooperation can achieve more peace and security in sub-Saharan Africa by targeting the trafficking of illegal arms. He will provide the Assembly members with the relevant perspectives on the matter and possible measures the international community can undertake to accomplish this goal.

Jan Willem den Besten

The United Nations Environment Assembly will get help from the Senior Expert Green Finance on behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the REDD+ Business Initiative. This project aims to prevent deforestation and conserve biodiversity, ans concurrently improve the socioeconomic position of the local population and decrease CO2 emissions. The Assembly will be handed the necessary information and tools to debate possible plans of actions to conserve the global afforestation in a sustainable way. 

Annemarie Middelburg

During the second workshop, the members of the Human Rights Council received Annemarie Middelburg. She is the Dutch expert on women’s rights and the practice of female circumcision. As founder of the Middelburg Human Rights Law Consultancy, she works on assignments for diverse organisations, like EU and UN, to acquire more knowledge on the topic and offer policy proposals to reduce this practice.