The General Assembly I

.GA1: Disarmament and International Security

  • Subtheme 1: Fighting global terrorism by empowering regional cooperation
  • Subtheme 2: Bringing peace and strengthening security in sub-Saharan Africa by targeting the trafficking of illegal arms

The United Nations First Committee deals with disarmament and global challenges which threaten international security. The goal is to secure peace and lower tensions in and between countries internationally in concurrence with the goals drafted in the Charter of the United Nations. This MIMUN-Committee will focus on two major issues which jeopardise this mission, namely terrorism and arms trafficking. One of the principal missions of the United Nations is improving security by international cooperation. 

The first subtheme will engage with this mission in relation to terrorism. The question is whether and how empowering regional cooperation could bolster the fight against terrorism. Furthermore, it should be decided what the role of the international community in this process should be. 

The second subtheme focusses itself on one region in the world where sectarian violence still is highly prevalent, i.e., sub-Saharan Africa. A course of action to decrease violence within the region is disarmament of the strifing communities. The question posed to the Committee is what particular measures can be implemented to ensure more safety for the people of sub-Saharan Africa.