About Us

The Student Association ‘L.S.V. Minerva’ is characterised by its core ideals: ‘Academic and Social Growth’. Regarding these aspirations, hosting an International Model United Nations Conference complements our association very well.

Minerva International Model United Nations, an annual initiative by L.S.V. Minerva, facilitates intellectual conduct, stimulates diplomatic ambitions and creates a platform for social interaction. We believe our MIMUN Conference will engage students from all over the world to debate and try to find consensus on onerous challenges – which in reality concern all of us. These challenges require an approach from various positions, where creativity is as important as the policy of a nation.

Although our annual conference is young of age, the spirit behind the organisation is filled with enthusiasm and experience. Therefore, it is our greatest pleasure to extend and build upon our organisation throughout the coming years, in order to bring students from all over the globe together to improve our world.

What better way than doing so in a Dutch and unique student atmosphere: here in Leiden!